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| Welcome the World to Queens @ the TCS NYC Marathon

November 5th, 2017
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Marathon Cheer Station November 5, 2017

I, the undersigned in consideration of being permitted to volunteer for Queens Centers for Progress (QCP) as a spectator at the TCS New York City Marathon on Sunday, November 5, 2017, waive and release any and all claims and hold Queens Centers for Progress harmless against demands which I or my heirs, personal representatives or assigned may have against Queens Centers for Progress regarding my participation as a volunteer. In the event of any and all injuries or illnesses sustained by me or any aggravation of any illness or injury while participating, I hold QCP harmless. I hereby give my consent for Queens Centers for Progress to use my photograph and likeness to be used in its publications, on its website, Facebook page and in releases to the press following the event.
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